Radial hydraulic motor sealring

Turbocharged seal ring Radial high pressure piston pump seal ring

Relevant Information

GN Thermo Ring
Excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance are required for rings which are always ...
Interrupted Scraper Ring
Undercut machining is interrupted at both ends of the joint.
Interrupted scraper ring ha ...
Taper-Faced Balance Scraper Cr Ductile Ring
Used 2nd, 3rd ring for four-cycle engines

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M Type GN Oil Ring (DV-Σ)
Gas nitrided stainless steel ring, light weight and low friction loss, low absolute tensio ...
Double-beveled Oil Ring
Good oil control.
Double-beveled oil ring used extensively for engines and compressors.
Nitriding graphite cast iron double-beveled oil ring
Heat resistance, Wear resistance, Good lubrication.
Nitriding graphite cast iron double-b ...
TX Type SN Exp. & GN Rails
Salt bath soft nitride of expander, gas nitrided of stainless steel rails. Have high flexi ...