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Compressor Piston Ring

JAPON TRAFFIC TECH CORP. is one of the leading compressor piston ring manufacturers in the world. With the support of our R & D Personnel, we formulate a high-quality compressor piston ring as per international quality standards. All our products are precisely developed by a creative team of professionals as per contemporary market trends. Our reputation as a provider of solutions for high-performance applications keeps us focused to design innovative and efficient machines to meet our clients' challenges. Driven by clients' demands and requirements, our well-equipped manufacturing facility enables us to provide products in the lowest lead times possible.

Do you need any help with selecting a compressor piston ring, compressor ring, or other types of piston rings? JAPON TRAFFIC TECH CORP.’s highly trained professional workforce and dedicated engineers are committed to meet customer’s satisfaction. Perhaps you need application engineering assistance or have a specialized question. Contact us by phone or email for immediate assistance.

Both Side Faces Cr Plated FC Ring

Introducing our innovative FC Ring, specifically designed for diesel engines to elevate performance and efficiency to unprecedented levels. Engineered with precision and crafted with cutting-edge technology, the FC Ring is set to redefine the standards of diesel engine components.

Chrome Ceramic Coated Ring

The Physically Vapor Deposited (PVD) TiN or CrN layer stands out as an exceptional choice for enhancing wear and scuffing resistance. The advanced PVD process ensures a robust and durable coating, providing superior performance in challenging environments. Elevate the durability of your product with the unparalleled protective qualities of our TiN or CrN layer, meticulously crafted through state-of-the-art technology.

Chrome Plated Keystone Ring

The keystone ring, constructed from ductile cast iron, offers exceptional resistance to scuffing and can withstand high temperatures with ease. Additionally, our chrome-plated keystone ring is specifically designed for diesel engines, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in demanding conditions. Upgrade your engine components with our durable and heat-resistant keystone rings for reliable and efficient operation.

Chrome Plated Taper Faced Ring

The chrome plated taper faced ring is crafted from ductile cast iron, imparting it with remarkable attributes. Boasting high elasticity, superior oil-scraping capability, and exceptional gas-tight properties, this ring exhibits excellent wear resistance. Specifically designed for compression applications, it is an ideal component for four-cycle engines. Elevate the performance and longevity of your engine with this durable and versatile chrome plated taper faced ring.

Cr Plated Half Keystone Ring

The keystone ring, crafted from ductile cast iron, excels in scuffing resistance and can endure high temperatures. Additionally, our Cr plated half keystone ring is versatile, suitable for various types of engines. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it an ideal choice to enhance the performance and resilience of your engine in diverse operating conditions. Upgrade to the reliability of our keystone ring for optimal engine efficiency.

Face Grooved, Half Keystone Cr Ductile Ring

Introducing the half keystone cr ductile ring - specifically designed for application in two-cycle engines. This innovative ring features a unique upper side dowel pin joint, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

GN Ring

Introducing our GN Ring, a gas-nitrided stainless steel ring renowned for its outstanding durability. The functional component of this ring boasts an impressive lifespan that is nearly two to four times longer than that of chrome-plated rings. Crafted with precision and engineered for longevity, the GN Ring sets a new standard for reliability in the world of stainless steel rings. Elevate your experience with a ring that not only meets but exceeds expectations, offering superior performance and extended durability for your satisfaction.

GN Taper Faced Ring

Introducing the GN taper faced ring, a pinnacle of durability in gas-nitrided stainless steel rings. Crafted for high-power applications, this ring is specifically designed for use in hi-power comp rings and compression rings of four-cycle engines. Elevate your engine's performance with the unmatched durability of GN taper faced ring, setting a new standard for reliability in the realm of stainless steel rings.

GN Thermo Ring

Excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance are required for rings which are always exposed to high temperature gas and oil or molten metals. Used for piston ring of die casting machine and oil seal of supercharger.

Interrupted Scraper Ring

Introducing our interrupted scraper ring, meticulously designed with undercut machining interrupted at both ends of the joint. This unique engineering feature ensures that the interrupted scraper ring not only possesses the inherent oil scraping properties characteristic of scraper types but also provides effective control against blow-by, a common issue caused by undercutting. Elevate your engine's performance with a scraper ring that goes beyond conventional design, offering enhanced oil control and blow-by prevention for optimal functionality.

L Type Ductile Ring

L type ductile ring used 1st ring for two-cycle engines

Lock Seal Ring

Lock step joint type, used as oil seal for shaft, joint is locked so that it is opened within specified level.

Nitriding Graphite Cast Iron Ring

Heat resistance, Wear resistance, Good lubrication the best choice of ceramic cylinder.

PVD Coated Ring

Physically vapor Deposited Tin or CrN layer has the property of anti-sticking.

Radial Hydraulic Motor Sealring

Turbocharged seal ring Radial high pressure piston pump seal ring

ST Compression Ring

Chrome plated periphery has high property for wear resistance and scuffing resistance.
Ring of small width made of steel can be applied to high speed engine due to light weight with high strength.

Step Joint Alloy FC Big Ring

Step joint alloy FC big ring used for large size compressor and marine engines

Taper Faced Ring

Uniform distribution of nodular graphite in the tempered Martensite or Bainite structure, It has good oil scraping and gastight properties, good break resistance and durability, suitable 2nd ring of for four-cycle engines.

Thermo Small Seal Ring

Quenched and tempered, Excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
Thermo small seal ring used for steam turbines.

Upper Side Dowel Pin Joint Cr Plated Steel Ring

Upper side dowel pin joint cr plated steel ring used for two-cycle engines

Wankel Angine Apex Seal Set

Wankel angine apex seal set Manufacturer & Supplier
JAPON TRAFFIC TECH CORP. strives to maintain it through our understanding of the compressor piston ring industry, evolving with new technological developments and doing the utmost for each and every customer. We have devoted ourselves to serve the clients with our durability, fair price, and strong efficiency of compressor ring. In addition to product strength, superior customer service has long been a hallmark of JAPON TRAFFIC TECH CORP.. From product specification and selection through delivery and beyond, our people are committed to making it easy for you to get the products and the information you need when you need them. Let us assist with your requirement and question of the compressor piston ring.
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