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Award the broze prize in innovation product item, offered by TAITRA in 2018
●heat resistance ●wear resistance ●good lubrication ●environment friendly production

Piston Ring Innovation JCO-N
【Nitriding Graphite Cast Iron Piston Ring】 Patent No.: M539576
Patent No.: US 10,302,197 B2


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Chrome Ceramic Coated Ring
The Physically Vapor Deposited (PVD) TiN or CrN layer stands out as an exceptional choice ...
PVD Coated Ring
Physically vapor Deposited Tin or CrN layer has the property of anti-sticking.
Radial Hydraulic Motor Sealring
Turbocharged seal ring Radial high pressure piston pump seal ring
Coil Exp. Cr Oil Ring
Ring width is relatively large and coil diameter is increased to obtain high tension.
The w ...
Double-Beveled Oil Ring
Good oil control.
Double-beveled oil ring used extensively for engines and compressors.
M Type Cr Oil Ring(DV-Σ)
Hard Cr Plating and lapping on ring working faced, with small section due to sufficient st ...
M Type GN Oil Ring (DV-Σ)
Gas nitrided stainless steel ring, light weight and low friction loss, low absolute tensio ...
PU Type Spacer & Cr Rails
Steel combined oil ring, Hard Cr plating and lapping on rails working faced, most effectiv ...
RS Type SN Spacer & GN Rails
Salt bath soft nitride of spacer exp., gas nitrided of stainless steel rails.
Low inertia f ...
RS Type Spacer & Cr Rails
Discover the unparalleled durability of our oil rings, meticulously engineered with three ...
GN Ring
Introducing our GN Ring, a gas-nitrided stainless steel ring renowned for its outstanding ...
Graphite Cast Iron Nitrided Piston Ring (JCO-N)
●heat resistance
●wear resistance ...