Japon Traffic Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 in cooperation with Tai-Chi Traffic Corporation and former Takuang Piston Ring Group (Japan TP Joint Venture Plant) in the technology, imported the precision machinery and technique for professional production (Complete OEM assemblage). The power engine is installed with the excellent piston-ring, which is sold throughout the world.

Piston Ring for Racing-raise

As a leading Automobiles & Motorcycles manufacturer in Taiwan, JAPON TRAFFIC TECH CORP. specialized in wide range of Piston Ring for Racing-raise and Motorcycle Piston Ring. All with well-reputation by the strict quality request.

Piston Ring for Racing-raise

JCO Special Physical Treatment Material To Reform:
To relieve the work-piece residual stress. (including quenching stress, working stress.)
Uniform distribution of nodular graphite in the tempered Martensite or Bainite structure, or make Austenite to Martensite transformation, in order to get the best microstructure.
To separate fine carbides in the Grain Boundary, in order to increase wear resistance.
Make the Grain Boundary structure arranging in proper order evenly.
To increase mechanical properties of the work-piece, to extend the tensile strength and ductility.
Good heat duty resistance, elasticity fatigued resistance.

Plus10% horse power without modify any parts.
Piston Ring for Racing-raise horse power, exceed the limit.

The Piston Ring for Racing-raise is specifically designed to meet our customers’ most demanding needs, as its service-friendly design provides reliable performance and easy maintenance. Please contact our sales office in Taiwan to discuss the suitability of Piston Ring for Racing-raise for your applications or email us for more information.