Japon Traffic Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 in cooperation with Tai-Chi Traffic Corporation and former Takuang Piston Ring Group (Japan TP Joint Venture Plant) in the technology, imported the precision machinery and technique for professional production (Complete OEM assemblage). The power engine is installed with the excellent piston-ring, which is sold throughout the world.


JAPON TRAFFIC TECH CORP. is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of Machines. We believe Machines is the best option for you. If you require smaller volumes of a wide range of Machines or immediate production needs, please contact JAPON TRAFFIC TECH CORP..


Ovality Shaping

Flat Grinding

Horizontal Double-Disk Grinder

CNC Lathe

Multiaxial Driller

Circumrotating Lathe

Flat Grinder

Double-Disk Precise Grinding

Double-Disk Precise Grinding

Vertical Double-Disk Grinder

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We specialize in manufacturing Motorcycle Piston Ring, Automobile Piston Ring, Lawn Mower Piston Ring for many years in Taiwan. We wish to create win-win relationships throughout the supply chain. It is our pleasure to service your Machines needs. At JAPON TRAFFIC TECH CORP., you get performance and reliability. Contact with us immediately!!